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A fundamental framework to simplify game development on Unity at any stage


Simplify dynamic resources management

  • Make your game friendly to mod-makers

  • Hold your resources categorized

  • Advance resources search

  • Make you resources dynamic: extend, update, merge


Powerup your data with powerful solutions

  • Use data tables for data collection and analysis

  • Manage cross-session data with Serialization tools and features

  • Use implementations not available on currently supported .Net version of Unity

  • Make your object's data runtime


Develop in-game AI in powerful environment

  • Node-based visual IDE

  • Big collection of nodes

  • Powerful debug shell

  • Performance control

  • Easy to extend with custom features compatibility


Create complex GUI that can't be created with stock

  • In-game windows feature

  • Runtime workspace layouts

  • Easy to extend with new controllers and features

  • Full control core's logic

  • Virtual environment between windows

  • Easy game palettes control


Big collection of ready to use game features

  • Sensors module

    • Efficient physics processing prevents unnecessary colliders on scene​

    • Easy to connect with custom listeners

    • Configurable and extendable detection logic

  • Inventories system

    • Dupes safe​

    • Data forging safe

    • Transactions engine

    • Easy to extend with new features

Find solution working for you


​Lines of Source

saving moths in your development


Lines of Commentaries

to help you modify and extend the source


Pages of User Manual

to help you ramp up with new opportunities


Frameworks in one place

and the library

keeps growing


Years of Experience

helping us to supply you with a top quality


Dynamic discount

The price depends on the number of sold packages.

Don't wait while price getting higher!


Lifetime license

Normally Doloro GDK suppose subscription distribution model with monthly \ yearly fees.

But this time you may purchase a work-seat without future charges for content access!


Social benefits

Gain unique Founder badges for your team members using Founder associated serial keys!

Get access to any Premium community over the service.


The plan does not limit your organization.
It is compatible with any other payment plans,
has no revenue cap and seats limit.

80% Off

Doloro GDK Founders package

Signle time / per 1 seat

$40 $200

​Lifetime license


0 / 5 seats


No subscription fees for offline services
Access to source code
No revenue cap
Can be mixed with any plan
Forum access
Packages download access
Premium Community access
Beta-tester's badge at forum
Unique founder's badge at forum

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