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Community support

Doloro allows you to make donation to Ukraine via our service.

  • We are following full transparency policy toward community's donates. You may check all community donates with our 'Donations Inspector'.

  • We do not takes any fees from donates.

  • All our operation units and partners are located in Ukraine, what means that everything you donate will reach Ukrainian economic.

Our reports devoted to payouts of community donations you may find in Blog section. 

We Stand with Ukraine

Tauri Interactive & Doloro team located in Ukraine at Kharkiv. It is a wazone city close to the frontline with the russian's occupation forces. As no one else we know the horror of the war and doing our best to fight agaist it.

Our team shares part of income with Ukrainian humanitarian fundations to help people suffered from russia's aggression to stand again and move forward.

By using our product you help us to maintain workplaces in half-destroyed city and

provide our support to people in need.

Thank you for standing with Ukraine and our company!

Warm regards,

Volodymyr Podshyvalov,


Tauri Interactive LLC

Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

​You may like to consider direct support of
government approved humanitarian foundations

Come Back Alive

Russia has invaded Ukraine – the Shield of Europe. As we are protecting the World against the tyranny, it’s high time to demonstrate your support of peace and democracy in Ukraine and around the world. 


Razom means “together” in Ukrainian and serves as a constant reminder of the community that it takes to create, build and do.  Razom creates spaces where people meet, partner and work together to unlock the potential of Ukraine.  We maintain a relentless focus on the needs on the ground to support Ukraine and on opportunities to amplify voices from Ukraine in conversations in the United States.  We operate in Ukraine as Razom Dlia Ukraini (Разом Для України) and we collaborate with organizations and individuals so that we can deliver the highest impact.

National Bank of Ukraine 

The account is meant for charity contributions from Ukraine and from abroad. The Ministry of Social Policy will channel the raised funds to support Ukraine’s citizens severely affected by the war.

Red Cross

Donate now to help us provide vital aid to people during this difficult time!
By choosing a monthly payment, your regular support will allow us to help more people in need.

Nova Ukraine

Nova Ukraine is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine and raising awareness about Ukraine in the United States and throughout the world. Thanks to your generous donations, we fund a variety of projects to help the people of Ukraine and to strengthen Ukraine’s democratic society. The Nova Ukraine team and volunteers have been working tirelessly to help people in need. We greatly appreciate the overwhelming support from all of you!

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